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Chiang Rai Province

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Chiang Rai Province, Thailand (19.73208 99.88474)

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Nombre: Mapa topográfico Chiang Rai Province, mapa de relieve, mapa de altitud.
Coordenadas: 18.99996 99.25972 20.46483 100.57850
Altitud minima: 204 m
Altitud maxima: 2.552 m
Altitud media: 733 m

Chiang Rai Province

The average elevation of the province is 580 metres (1,900 ft). The north of the province is part of the so-called Golden Triangle, where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Burma converge, an area which prior to the rise of agricultural production of coffee, pineapple, coconuts, and banana plantations, was unsafe because of drug smuggling across the borders. The Mekong River forms the boundary with Laos, the Mae Sai and Ruak River with Burma. Through the town of Chiang Rai itself, flows the "Mae Kok" Kok River and south of it the Lao River, a tributary of the Kok.

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